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OpenScape DECT S5


Connectable Devices

The OpenScape DECT Phone S5 handset can be connected to the following systems:

Hipath 4000: HiPath Cordless Enterprise from R3.42.0-CV422

OpenScape 4000: OpenScape Cordless Enterprise from R0.4.0-CV020

HiPath 3000: HiPath Cordless Office from V9_R2.8.1_006

OpenScape Business: HiPath Cordless Office from V1R1.3.0



OpenScape DECT Phone

S5 handset

The OpenScape DECT Phone S5 handset

is an elegant DECT cordless telephone

with outstanding features. It is

distinguished by the high quality

handset with a silver-colored front

panel and a large 1.8" TFT color display

with optimum user guidance. The

scope of service is comparable to corded

system terminals.


Enabled for HPS

(HiPath Positioning System)

The HiPath Positioning System detects

the location of DECT handsets (HiPath-

/OpenScape Cordless Enterprise only).

Illuminated keypad including:

• Navigation area

• Combined accept call/hands-free


• Message waiting key

• 5-way navigation key

• Keypad lock on/off

• Programmable display key

• Combined microphone transmit

volume/mute key

• R (Flash) key

• 2-way rocker switch on the side for

simple volume adjustment during a


TFT graphic display

• 26 display languages

• Display in idle state

• Illuminated

Media pool

• Monophonic ring tones (sounds)

• Polyphonic melodies (sounds)

• Screensaver images

Telephone book

• Up to 500 entries for all directories

• Speed dial

• Administration via PC

• Telephone book data backup/restore

• Access to:

LDAP telephone database (HiPath-/

OpenScape Cordless),

HiPath Manager (HiPath-/

OpenScape Cordless Enterprise)

Message signaling

The message waiting key flashes if

messages have been received.

Call signaling

• Visual/acoustic call signaling

• Display of the caller number or


• Distinction between internal and

external calls

• VIP signaling for internal and external


Ring tones and melodies

• 5 standard ring tones

• 21 polyphonic melodies

Headset connection

• corded: 2.5 mm jack

• cordless: Bluetooth V2.1

PC interface

• Bluetooth

• Mini USB

PC application

• Phone book synchronization

• Loading of screen savers

• CLIP images and melodies

Mobility features

Multi-cell capability

• Roaming

• Seamless handover

• Bearer handover

• Shown on the display when leaving

the mobile network


• Encrypted voice transmission

• Handset lock with 4-digit PIN

• Secure system login

Multi-DECT system capability

Parallel logon to up to 4 DECT systems

is possible.

Telephone functions

• Accept/reject call (HiPath-/

OpenScape Cordless)

• Quick access to functions and numbers

via programmable keys

• Manual redial list with the last

20 numbers

• Automatic redial

• Full duplex hands-free talking

• System speed dial, central and individual

• Speaker call (HiPath-/OpenScape

Cordless Enterprise only)


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